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Clients and colleagues' views are expressed below.

"Christianne is my go-to copy editor for all projects large in size, complex in structure, and otherwise out of the ordinary. I trust her to do professional work on deadline no matter the project. More importantly, I trust her sound editorial judgment. When I hand a manuscript over to Christianne it becomes one less project for me to worry about."

Jamie Vidich, Production Editor, BOOKBRIGHT MEDIA

"Grant writing (especially for STEM fields) is daunting and complicated. It truly takes someone talented and experienced to tackle the application process. I found Christianne's work to be efficient and concise, which is exactly what it takes to win a grant."

—C. Cloutier, Chemist at medical device company

"Christianne Mariano is a very skilled grant writer. She's a critical thinker able to develop compelling arguments; she's energetic and very organized, allowing her to effectively handle the demand of multiple projects."

—P. Rivera, Chemist at medical device company

"I have known Christianne for many years. I just recently was going through publication of my fourth fiction novel, and I needed someone to help with the back cover. I can write a 90,000 word book but run in fear of the synopsis for the back of the book. Christianne was able to help organize everything I wanted a potential reader to know as well as edit it for grammar and spelling mistakes. I would recommend her in a heartbeat."

—Meg Castro, Author of novel "Fallen Descent" from
Bohlander House Press